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twm - Tabbed Window Manager

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Default window manager with minimal features available on most X11 implementations




Performance - Medium executable size and memory requirements, minimal color requirements for decorations

vtwm - Virtual Tabbed Window Manager

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twm with virtual desktop enhancements




Performance - Roughly same as standard twm, slightly greater memory requirements for virtual screen features


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Enhanced window manager based on twm code




Performance - Significantly larger executable than twm, can use a lot of colors depending on bitmaps used for icons and buttons


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Extremely minimal window manager




Performance - Extremely small, uses little memory and only 2 colors



Minimal window manager based on window manager included in 8 1/2, the windowing system used with Plan 9.




Performance - Extremely small, uses little memory and only 2 colors, makes wm2 look extravagant

olwm/olvwm - Open Look Window Manager

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Window manager used with Open Windows/Open Look. Used to be the default window manager for SunOS/Solaris, being replaced by Motif/CDE.




Performance - Since these window managers use the XView and OpenLook libraries, they tend to use large amounts of memory.

mwm/dtwm - Motif Window Manager/Desktop Window Manager

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Window manager included with OSF Motif. Desktop Window Manager part of Motif/CDE.




Performance - Mwm lacks features available in more modern window managers (i.e. fvwm). Dtwm is a good choice for a standard setup in a multi-platform environment.

fvwm - f(?) Virtual Window Manager

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Feature laden window manager included with most Linux distributions.




Performance - The base fvwm manager is equivalent in size and memory requirements to twm. The modular features tend to consume resources as they are used. The extensive use of colors can use up the color map on a 8-bit sever.

fvwm-95 - f(?) Virtual Window Manager 95

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Fvwm with Windows 95 look and feel.




Performance - Similar to fvwm, even more extensive use of colors in the default configuration makes 8-bit server use with color intensive applications (e.g. Netscape) difficult.


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Fvwm with NextStep look and feel.



Performance - Almost unusable on 8-bit displays due to shaded title bars which use several colors out of the default colormap.

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